Beer Tower Stack Tower Bloxx Forst Beer Tyrol  APK Mod2.3

Beer Tower Stack Tower Bloxx Forst Beer Tyrol APK Mod2.3

App Information of Beer Tower Stack Tower Bloxx Forst Beer Tyrol Download Modded Games

App Name Beer Tower Stack Tower Bloxx Forst Beer Tyrol
Package Name com.RasslStudio.CrateStack
Rating ( 112 )
Installs 5,000+
Category Casual, Games

Description of Beer Tower Stack Tower Bloxx Forst Beer Tyrol APK Mod2.3 (Unlimited Money Crack*) games download latest for android.

The game is suitable for every beer catcher and every beer friend.
It is a beer app for android, a beer tower bloxx game.

The aim of this game is easy to understand. You have to stack the highest tower with blocks beer crates.
Do you already know a stacking game or a tower builder game? Well, good for you!
Beer Tower is one of the tower builders which is easy to understand.

Pay attention for the tower fall. The game is over when the tower tips over.

The crates can have different colors, so the name tower colors:

– green is the normal color without special properties (when a beer crate is stacked normally)
– stack on the red line to get a red beer crate which is the fixed crate, also the tower is fixed
– if you stack a beer crate exactly on the stacked tower you will get a yellow crate
– if a crate is stacked on a blue line then you get a diamond.

So you can build your color tower or your beer house with the differend crates.

You have the possibility to earn coins to buy interesting powerups. They can help you to stack the block tower more higher.
The powerups are:
– Slow-Motion: makes the crates motion slower and so the stacking easier
– Aimer: an aim help (to stack the crates exactly on the tower)
– Distance: reduce the distance between the current crate and the tower
– Red Chest: with that you can fix the tower an make it stable

You can get coins by placing the crates exact to each other.
In addition there is a daily reward waiting for you. Dont loose it! 😛
You can share your score with your beer friend in the highscore table.

So, what are you waiting for? You can be the “Beer Tower King”!

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+++++ Three new GAME MODES added +++++

– Normal mode: with the conventional rules
– One direction: The beer crates must not leave the screen. You only have one attempt to stack the box.
– Stack exactly: All boxes must be stacked exactly. Only yellow boxes are allowed.

There is a high score table for each game mode

+++++ Own user identity added +++++

User name is saved.

+++++++++++ Fixed important bugs +++++++++

PlayStore id: com.RasslStudio.CrateStack

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